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Director of Finance & Operations

Job Announcement
The San Francisco School
Director of Finance and Operations
Start Summer 2014
The San Francisco School seeks talented, experienced and team player candidates for the position of Director of Finance and Operations. 
The Director of Finance and Operations (DFO) reports directly to and serves as a strategic partner to the Head of School (HOS), is part of the senior administrative team, attends and participates in Board meetings and is the administrative liaison to a number of key committees, including (but not limited to): Finance, Site and Investment. The DFO directly supervises three to five managerial-level employees who oversee a divisional staff of about six employees, and strives to maintain relations with the entire faculty/staff. Furthermore, the DFO is responsible for the school’s financial planning and management, partners with the HOS and Director of Admissions around financial aid management, and oversees plant operations, purchasing and supply management, food service operations, risk management, employee benefits and policy management, and general operation of the school. In partnership with the Head, the DFO maintains relationships with banks, professional accountants, legal counsel, insurance companies and other private business on contractual and other matters pertaining to financial and operations management.
Skills, Qualifications and Attributes:

  • Strong leadership, management, communication and interpersonal skills that will ensure the effective financial and operational stewardship of a thriving, progressive school.


  • Commitment to partnering with the Head of School in a variety of matters that involve a high level of generative thinking, discretion, trust and communication. 


  • Ability to strategize, articulate and advance effective approaches to balancing competing financial needs within the institution.


  • Highly effective financial management skills coupled with an ability to set priorities and implement decisions in a timely fashion.


  • Ability to work collaboratively with different groups (Board, Staff, Parents, Students, etc) within the school to advance the institution’s financial future and stability.

·      Ability to work closely with the Head, Finance Committee and Board to develop current and long-term operating, plant and endowment budgets for the school.
·      Successful administrative experience in planning and implementing major facility additions and modifications.
·      General knowledge around investment practices and management of financial aid process.
·      Organized, with highly effective oral and written communication skills.
·      Willingness to be an administrative leader who steps outside of job description at times for the good of the larger school.
·      An advanced degree (CPA/MBA) desired but not absolutely necessary.
Overview of School
The San Francisco School is an independent school, pre-K through eighth grade, with a commitment to being a multicultural and inclusive community. Suitably characterized by one parent as an “urban school with a village atmosphere” the school embraces San Francisco’s ethnic, cultural and economic diversity. Our progressive approach to education encourages children to develop self-reliance, solid academic skills, creativity, and a commitment to social justice. The program is designed to help students identify and develop their own passions and to be respectful and supportive in their community.
Interested candidates may apply by sending a resume, cover letter and references to:
The San Francisco School
Attn:  Director of Finance and Operations Job Opening
300 Gaven Street, SF, CA  94134
check out our website:
The San Francisco School is committed to increasing staff diversity, both to reflect the high value SFS places on a multicultural understanding, and for the direct benefit of each student

The San Francisco School
Contact Phone Number
415 239-5065