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Director of Finance and Operations (DFO)

Redwood Day School is an East Bay leader in developmentally grounded education that prepares students for high school, for college, and for life. Established in 1963, RDS is an independent, diverse K-8 school that combines challenging academics, small classes, differentiated instruction, and a keen awareness of children's social and emotional development—allowing students to discover and build on their strengths as individual learners. Our learning community is closely connected to our Oakland neighbors through an ethos of service, diversity, and sustainability. Our students develop into self-aware and confident young people who advocate for themselves and others, throughout school and beyond.

The Director of Finance and Operations (DFO) reports directly to the Head of School, and has direct responsibility for all aspects of the financial, business and operational integrity of the school, including, but not limited to, finances, payroll, personnel administration, facilities management, emergency preparedness, and long-term sustainability. The DFO is also an integral member of a highly collaborative administrative Leadership Team, serves as the head of the school’s Operations Team, and liaises with the Board of Trustees at meetings and as a member of the Buildings and Ground Committee, Finance Committee, and Audit Committee.  Additionally, the DFO directly supervises the Accounts Payable/Benefits Administrator, Accounts Receivable/Payroll Manager, and Maintenance Supervisor. This is a rare opportunity for a highly collaborative, visionary and strategic finance professional to join an innovative team in an inclusive and diverse community.  

Specific job responsibilities include: 


  • Work with Head of School and Board of Trustees to determine financial goals and produce annual budget    
  • Develop internal controls to ensure school assets are properly controlled
  • Work with banks and lenders to determine effective way to leverage debt financing
  • Investment management as directed by Board of Trustees
  • Provide fiscal oversight and recommendations on all short-term, long-term, and medium-range operational decisions that have a budgetary impact
  • Develop financial models to help estimate cost and predict future impact of current decisions
  • Prepare timely and accurate monthly and annual Financial Statements
  • Work with outside auditors to complete annual audit in timely fashion    
  • Supervise Business Office personnel and assign duties     
  • Credit and collection work, including small claims
  • Cash management
  • Personnel and Human Resources Management:
  • Ensure all managers and departments are in full compliance with all applicable Federal and State laws, regulations, etc., concerning personnel policies, benefits, etc.
  • Provide opportunities for professional development for new managers
  • Participate in hiring and termination discussions, when appropriate
  • Supervise Accounts Receivable/Payroll Manager
  • Supervise Accounts Payable/Benefits Administrator
  • Review and, when necessary, make changes to the employee benefit package
  • Produce employment contracts
  • Entrusted with decision making rights as it pertains to liaising with insurance brokers, attorneys, Department of Labor personnel, and other outside parties as needed to address personnel and human resources issues 

Property, Plant & Equipment:

  • Plan and supervise major projects from the construction and budgetary aspects
  • Serve as neighborhood liaison and regularly communicates with various associations about school issues
  • Supervise Facilities Manager
  • Works with Head of School to produce Capital Budget


  • Support the Head of School and the implementation of the Head’s vision
  • Assume various leadership responsibilities as determined by Head of School
  • Oversee designated school operations in the Head of School’s absence
  • In conjunction with Assistant Head of School for Academics, serve as an official school representative to the media and other community-based organizations in the absence of the Head of School
  • In conjunction with the Leadership Team, discuss issues with the Head of School, as requested, and support the school’s vision and mission
  • Provide emergency preparedness training for school employees and students and serve as a decision maker during emergency situations
  • Serves on various Board of Trustee subcommittees (e.g., Finance Committee, Buildings & Grounds Committee, Audit Committee) and attend all Board of Trustee meetings
  • Member of Financial Aid committee
  • Member of administrative Leadership Team
  • Reviews and administers school insurance coverage (property, liability, student accident, workers comp, etc), and supervise compliance with insurance requirements
  • Works with other administrative departments to ensure that revenues are maximized, expenditures minimized, and budgetary goals are being met
  • Performs annual reporting requirements for CAIS and NAIS, as well as other government and association reporting
  • Oversees the production and mailing of student contracts 

Essential Requirements:

  • Significant experience in financial management, facilities operations, and employment practices. 
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills. 
  • Ability to work collaboratively with various constituencies within the school to advance the school’s mission and financial stability.
  • Successful administrative experience implementing major facility improvements
  • Ability to self-manage and juggle multiple responsibilities. 
  • Advanced degree (CPA/MBA) and prior experience as a senior financial/administrative manager preferred, but not absolutely necessary.

Physical Requirements:

  • Able to lift 50 lbs.


Please submit a letter of intent, employment application, and current resume by March 24rd, 2014, via email to

Redwood Day School
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