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Dean of Equity and Inclusion (Full Time position)

Position Description: The Dean Equity and Inclusion assumes a significant leadership role in the Athenian Community. The primary responsibility of the Dean of Equity and Inclusion is to provide leadership in furthering the goals of diversity, inclusion, and equity at Athenian. The Dean of Equity and Inclusion serves as a leader, collaborator, guide, resource, and facilitator for students and adults in shaping and sustaining an inclusive community. The Dean leads the Schools’ efforts to support students from underrepresented backgrounds. Reports to the Head of School. Primary Responsibilities:Articulates the School’s Commitment to Equity, Justice and Inclusion
• Supports and advises students and adults on issues of equity and inclusion.
• Demonstrates leadership and best practices for adults to follow when interacting with all students, and continuously engages students to share their perceptions of equity and inclusion.
• Facilitates dialogue related to equity and justice issues among constituents in the school community.
• Guides the direction and vision of school programs and events that focus on inclusion and equity.
• Directs the Metavasi Program which includes coordinating (teaching) the Athenian Metavasi Program for 2 weeks during the summer.
• Participates in curricular discussions, advocating for pluralistic perspectives in disciplines.
• Provides input to Middle School and Upper School in areas of curriculum development and students activities; participates in Middle and Upper School activities as agreed upon with Middle and Upper School Heads.
• Teaches the equivalent of one class in the Middle School and two seminars Upper School.
• Advises the admission and hiring processes to facilitate the meeting of goals related to diversity.
• Identifies gaps in alignment between the vision of Equity and the policies and procedures in place.
• Together with the Head of School, works with board of trustees to promote understanding of issues of equity and inclusion.
• Supports the Athenian Parent Association and their work related to equity and justice.
• Educates the Athenian community on the history and purpose of the Diversity Monument; facilitates the proper upkeep and appearance of the Diversity Monument. Representation and Participation in Clubs, Committees, Professional Organizations and Events
• Chairs the Committee on Equity and Inclusion.
• Sits on the following committees:
Teaching and Learning Committee; Administrative Committee; Curriculum Committee; Admissions Committees; Professional Development Committee.
• Attends committee meetings when content relates to equity, inclusion, and diversity.
• Supports Upper School and Middle School student clubs involving diversity, inclusion, equity, and justice.
• Alternates attendance at Middle School and Upper School faculty meetings.
• Attends Upper School morning meetings and symposia.
• Plans and oversees equity and inclusion programs and events as they emerge.
• Participates in POCIS and other local organizations; attends local and national conferences. Other Responsibilities:
• Develops and facilitates an Equity and Inclusion-based orientation for adults at the start of each academic year.
• Participates in orientation, Back-to-School Picnic, professional development days, Tim Holm Day, graduations, etc.
• Is the administrator on duty one afternoon each week.
• Writes an annual report at the end of the year.
• CPR / AED TRAINED AND CERTIFIED – must have up-to-date certifications in both cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and proper operation of a defibrillator (AED). Core Qualifications:
• Minimum of three years of teaching experience in middle or high school.
• Demonstrated commitment to inclusion and equity in support of students in grades 6-12.
• Sensitivity to faculty and staff in their support of students.
• Excellent leadership and communication skills.
• Strong listening skills and ability to facilitate conversations among diverse groups.Preferred Qualifications:
• Direct experience in this area for 2-4 years.
• Experience working in an independent school environment.
This is a Full Time, exempt position. Salary is competitive and commensurate with experience. The benefits package is excellent and includes medical, vision, and dental insurance, professional development opportunities, a retirement plan, a smoke-free environment, and a daily prepared lunch. Please send letter of interest, current resume, and three references (in MS Word format or PDF as attachments) via email to: Hiring Manager, at Please also include the particular source through which you learned about this position: i.e. Athenian website, referral (i.e. friend, colleague), online job network web link, (i.e. Northern California POCIS, CAIS, NEMNET), etc.
Deadline to apply: May 6, 2013School Description:
The Athenian School is a distinctive independent school that prepares its students for college and for lives of meaning and purpose. Athenian encourages students to become life-long learners and infuses them with confidence, independence, personal responsibility and a sense of community. Enrollment in grades 6-12 is 470 students, including 42 boarding students, 35 of whom are international students. We ask that all applicants visit our website ( and take time to read about Athenian’s history and philosophy.

Every employee is an Athenian community member, and as such, embraces the cornerstones of Athenian’s philosophy: respect; open, direct communication; honesty; fairness; responsibility; and dedication to the students in their intellectual and personal growth. Additionally, active support for environmental conservation, international understanding, equity, inclusion, justice, participatory government, outdoor education, and service is essential. Cultural competence is an expectation of employment for all teaching and professional staff at Athenian. As a school that from its founding has valued the worth and integrity of each individual, we are particularly interested in candidates with a proven commitment to teaching and working in a diverse, multicultural setting.

Athenian School strives to attract and retain a faculty and staff of the highest caliber. We have a unique community here, filled with many differing opinions, backgrounds, ideologies and experiences. We have students from all over the globe, our families include a mom and a dad, two moms, two dads, single parents, guardians and stepparents. We have many faiths and those who are non-observant. We represent all income levels. What we share is a belief in Athenian’s mission. By embracing diversity in all forms — gender and gender identity, sexuality, faith, ethnicity, socio-economic status — we encourage students to take intellectual risks, to challenge their own assumptions and to learn to work collaboratively as global citizens and advocates for positive change.

The Athenian School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, religion, faith, sex, gender or gender expression, age, ability, sexual orientation, familial or marital status. The Athenian School is actively seeking to create a more culturally diverse school community and as such, we encourage people of color and members of the LGBTIQ community to apply.

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