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Administrative Assistnat

Administrative Office Assistant
Seeking an individual who has the following skills/interests:
·      Enjoys children
·      Believes in the importance of education and sees challenges as an opportunity to learn
·      Able to work with adults – personable in person & on the phone
·      Organized
·      Can arrange schedules, consult to make the schedule work
·      Skilled at communication – phone, email, written notes, etc. and sees the value of communication
·      Attention to detail
·      Able to multi-task
·      Appreciates the importance of hospitality and helping people feel welcome
·      Knowledge of Filemaker Pro or other databases or a keen willingness to learn
·      Committed to diversity and inclusive practices
·      Ability to anticipate needs and initiate work flow
To support the work of the Admission Office, the assistant will:
·      Have or gain a working knowledge of the database, inResonance
o   Manage inquiry intakes
o   Manage assessment entry
o   Prepare database for admission committee decisions
o   Support application process, from application to enrollment, including support with contract preparation, printing, and mailing
·      Manage schedule for student shadow visits & assessment
o   Arrange with Learning Services Dept. the assessment schedule, contact teachers (email reminders) & put shadow visits on all-school calendar
o   Collect assessments, enter data in PORTAL, if necessary
·      Review monthly work flow with Director of Admission
o   Review monthly responsibilities, determine time allocation for each
·      Manage and support admission events (tours, open houses, welcome evenings, assessment)
o   Hospitality table set up, shopping/ordering food and flowers, take down
o   Print nametags, pre-interview information sheets
o   Attend applicant assessment events and enter data, prepare assessment materials for all assessors, take notes on review sessions
·      Ability to work with volunteers – students and parents
To support the work of the Head & Assistant Head Offices, the assistant will:
·      Manage and publish weekly newsletter
·      Update and manage parent portal of school website, school calendars
·      Clerical duties
·      Knowledgeable: office technologies, social media, communication
·      Skilled in use of Excel, Google Drive, etc.
  Apply ASAP by emailing resume and cover letter to Kelly Dees, Director of Admission at
Presidio Hill Schol
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