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6th Grade Humanities Teaching Position at the East Bay School for Boys

East Bay School for Boys–an independent middle school for boys in Berkeley, CA–is looking for a full-time faculty member to teach 6th grade humanities core (language arts and history with an emphasis on ancient civilizations) for the 2014/2015 school year. The ideal candidate:

  • has experience teaching middle school or high school humanities;

  • is passionate and knowledgeable about integrating language arts and ancient civilizations;

  • has the ability to weave current social issues, equity and social justice themes relevant to our students’ lives into the curriculum;

  • can perform reading and writing inventories and implement appropriate differentiated reading and writing plans;

  • facilitates active, project-based learning and is willing to utilize design thinking and building as it relates to our Work program;

  • can inspire in EBSB students a life-long passion for writing, reading and historical analysis; and

  • has a strong and skillful approach to classroom management.


EBSB faculty are passionate leaders and learners dedicated to creating a community with a shared goal of building capacity in all of our boys; of helping to develop each boy's cultural capital; of creating a safe, creative and exciting classroom and school environment; and of providing a stellar academic, physical and social/emotional experience for young men.


EBSB faculty play a significant part in creating the culture of the school. Their voices are important in finding and solving problems, in the design and implementation of the curriculum, and in creating innovative and sustainable programs. East Bay School for Boys recruits faculty from a variety of sources and seeks individuals who are well-suited to work with boys, who would enjoy a start-up environment, and who reflect the diversity within the school and of the East Bay.


EBSB faculty explore together in collaboration to nurture an environment that fosters trust, collective purpose, communication, healthy conflict, and shared accountability.


When hiring faculty, East Bay School for Boys seeks individuals who are experienced in working with middle school students; who can make learning irresistible through challenge, a well-structured classroom, differentiation and a variety of teaching/learning modalities; who love teaching and working with boys; who are passionate about their subject area(s) and learning new things; who are eager to work in an interdisciplinary and collaborative environment; who are creative and have good organizational, project-management, and communication skills; who are willing to assume a variety of roles within the school including academic and social/emotional advising and coaching; who are creative, flexible and resilient educators; who make great role models for adolescent boys; and who have a sense of humor.


East Bay School for Boys, an independent middle school (grades 6-8), is an academically challenging and active environment: built for boys and with boys. We provide opportunities for boys to design, build, nurture, and grow their world, empowering boys to affect, connect, reflect, and most importantly, love to learn. We also focus on the boys social and emotional experience by creating a space where boys have positive male role models and are taught how to, and encouraged to be, the great men of tomorrow: engaged, thoughtful, and courageous.


Interested candidates should submit a resumé and cover letter to

East Bay School for Boys
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