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5th/6th Grade Math and Science Teacher

Children’s Day School in San Francisco is seeking an experienced, talented and energetic fifth and sixth grade Math and Science Teacher. The ideal candidate will bring rigor, middle school and subject matter expertise, communication skills and passion to our academically challenging and socially responsive program. Most importantly, the candidate will prepare and inspire all students to be lifelong learners. 

The ideal candidate should possess the following skills and qualities: 

● Work with students:
○ An unwavering commitment to middle school students and the school community
○ Enthusiasm for the opportunities and challenges inherent in working with middle school students
○ Excellent interpersonal skills, with the ability to collaborate with students
○ Willingness to model professional and ethical standards when dealing with students 

● Work with colleagues, parents and the school community: 
○ Excellent interpersonal skills, with the ability and desire to work collaboratively with the school community including staff and parents 
○ Strong interest and capacity to work and collaborate daily with the current fifth/sixth grade teaching team to enhance the instructional and social environment 
○ The desire and ability to contribute to student and community life inside and outside the classroom 
○ Willingness to model professional and ethical standards when dealing with parents, peers and community 
○ Commitment to regular professional development 

● Curricular content and instruction:
○ Strong grasp of middle school pre-algebra, algebra and geometry
○ Willingness to include in instruction an equal balance of math skills, concepts and applications in the world beyond the classroom
○ Willingness to work with more than one primary resource for math instruction
○ Grasp of and/or experience with instruction of earth science, including meteorology, astronomy and/or geology
○ Grasp of and/or experience with instruction of life science including botany, comparative anatomy and physiology, ethology and/or basic ecology
○ A comfort and inclination to incorporate cutting edge technology
○ Familiarity with interdisciplinary curriculum and teaching in a block schedule
○ Ability and willingness to differentiate instruction, especially with regard to math skills
○ Ability to integrate theory with practice in designing and implementing appropriate learning strategies for each student 

● Other responsibilities: 
○ Homeroom teacher (daily) 
○ Student advisor of 10-12 students (weekly) 
○ Leader or co-leader of an affinity group (monthly) 
○ Other duties (evening meetings, student events, one multi-night field trip and day trips) 
Minimum Requirements: 
● Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university; academic program focus in 
math, science and/or education-related fields 
● Two or more years experience working with middle school students 
● Teaching credential and/or master’s degree preferred 
 Your application should include: 
● Cover letter 
● Resume 
● Statement of philosophy and beliefs 
Please send your application materials to Kasi Campbell at and indicate “5/6 Math/Science” in subject line.


Children’s Day School
Contact Phone Number
415-861-5432, x312