About Us

Our Mission

People of Color in Independent Schools of Northern California supports the academic achievement, professional development and advancement, self-determination and well-being of students, families, and adults of color in PK-12 Bay Area schools.

Who we are

People of Color in Independent Schools is made up of educators from diverse professional and personal backgrounds who believe that equity, inclusion, multiculturalism, and racial justice are integral to quality education for all.

What we do

POCIS of Northern California promotes and facilitates dialogue among people of color and their allies to foster multicultural understanding and community building. POCIS advocates for increasing ethnic and cultural diversity at all levels in independent schools. POCIS provides resources and expertise to child-serving professionals on building inclusive curriculum development, developing cultural competence in students and adults, and fostering leadership in students and adults of color within schools. POCIS encourages school structures, policies, and practices reflect a long-term and sustainable commitment to equity and inclusion.